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Whitecliffe College of Technology and Innovation

Our Training Approach

Self-directed learning

Unique self-pace learning environment

At Computer Power Plus we offer a unique learning environment where students are able to learn at their own pace. All of our programmes of study are structured in a manner which enables students to logically and systematically follow the prescribed courseware. This courseware is delivered to them through their desktop PC at their own workstation. In a way this resembles other online training mediums, the key difference being that core learning for Computer Power Plus takes place on site at one of our three centrally located campuses.

No traditional classes

The Computer Power Plus training approach means that students do not learn in a traditional classroom environment, where one teacher takes them through a topic at a time. Instead all students are working at their own workstation, in an open learning environment, following the courseware requirements. To support this style of learning, qualified and experienced tutors are always on hand to support students through their study. Our tutors also help to keep students on track with regular follow-up contact and mentoring.

All the resources that students require to complete their training, including course learning guides, text books and access to software, are supplied for them and are covered by the course fees.

The programme structure and learning process

Each of our programmes are made up of a series of courses. In each course there are many learning activities (or lessons) and assessments.These learning activities may include:

  • working at the computer
  • studying texts
  • watching eLearning videos
  • practical demonstrations
  • role plays
  • practice tests
  • tutor-led group-based workshops
  • researching on the Internet

Other key benefits:

  • Progress at the pace that best meets your learning and lifestyle requirements (while still meeting the set course deadlines and group workshops)
  • You can quickly progress through those topics you find easy or have previous experience in, and dedicate more learning time to those topics you find more challenging. This will enable you to manage your training time according to your specific requirements. We understand that students have different learning and skill development needs, and our self-paced open learning environment helps to accommodate these.
  • It allows you to develop valuable time-management, self-management and problems solving skills that IT employers are looking for from graduates.
  • With interactive workshops and a variety of other learning activities as part of the courseware, Computer Power Plus’s blended learning strategy provides for both theory and hands-on practical experience.
  • You will gain more flexibility than traditional classroom-style study. If you miss a day of study, you can easily pick up exactly where you were. There is no requirement or time pressure to catch up with the rest of the class.