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Business computing

What do I need to Start?

In order to gain the most benefit from IT training at Computer Power Plus it is recommended that before commencing studies you have at least a general understanding of how to use a Personal Computer. Appropriate bridging learning support to cover these skills can be organised if you require it.

Students may use computer resources at any one of our conveniently located campuses during opening hours. For access to online courseware outside of the campus you will require a home PC equipped with the relevant software and internet access. Specific requirements are detailed with the course information.

How do I start?

To enrol in any Computer Power Plus qualification, simply book an appointment with one of our Enrolment Consultants who will assist you with the enrolment process, or freephone us on 0508 48 48 84. The Enrolment Consultant will discuss your career aspirations and work with you to determine the most suitable course to turn your dream of working in IT into reality.

Student Loans and Allowances

Only NZQA approved courses qualify for Student Loans and Allowances. Computer Power Plus courses meet all the criteria required by StudyLink for Student Loans and Allowances. This enables many full-time students to undertake their study without worrying about how to pay for fees up front. Please note, the level of funding is more limited for part-time students.

A Student Loan can include up to three parts:

  • Compulsory Fees: (including the Enrolment Fee and programme Fee).
  • Course-Related Costs: Full-time students are eligible for Course Related Costs, which is capped at a maximum of $1,000 per qualification.
  • Living Costs: Full-time students may be eligible to borrow up to a weekly limit ($173.56 from 1 April 2013) to help meet their daily living expenses. This part of the Student Loan is not affected by any income you may earn.
Note: You must be a NZ citizen or a permanent resident for 2 years before you are eligible for a student loan.

To Apply For a Student Loan

All Student Loans are processed and approved by StudyLink.

For information on eligibility and criteria please contact StudyLink.
Simply call the StudyLink free phone number: 0800 88 99 00 (Open Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm).
You can also apply online at www.studylink.govt.nz

Domestic Student Refunds

Refund policies are established in compliance with the 1990 Education Act and provide the following:

  • If a student withdraws before commencement (defined as the first day of required attendance), he/she is entitled to a complete refund of any course fees paid.
  • If a student withdraws within eight days after commencement (including weekends), he/she is entitled to a refund of any course fees paid reduced by the lesser of an administration charge of $500 or 10% of the course fees. If a student who withdraws has not paid any fees, he/she remains liable for 10% of the total fees amount. If a student has not paid their course fees to Public Trust, then the administration charge is payable to Computer Power Plus directly.
  • If a student withdraws more than eight days after commencement, he/she is not entitled to any refund. If a student who withdraws has not paid any fees, he/she remains liable for the total fees amount.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Computer Power Plus gives appropriate recognition to the prior learning of students where they have no formal certification or qualification attesting to their skills.

You must submit an ‘Application for RPL’ to the Education Team Leader or Enrolment Consultant at the time of enrolment.

Your application must include evidence that your level of knowledge, skill or attributes equates to what would have been obtained had you formally completed the course or recognised qualification that you are seeking RPL for. Evidence may include a portfolio of your work demonstrating your knowledge, skills and abilities and the evidence of an appropriately qualified referee.

To assist in the decision making regarding the relevance of your skills and knowledge to the curriculum, the Education Team Leader may additionally ask you to undertake a written, practical or oral test, or to participate in a panel interview.

Credit Transfer

When you believe that you have competency in a specific Computer Power Plus course achieved through previous study, you should provide the Education Team Leader with a copy of the relevant Academic Transcript complete with course descriptions. Without this evidence, Computer Power Plus will be unable to recognise this competency and you will be required to undertake the course.

Where there is a direct link between the qualifications, credit transfer may be approved. In instances where Credit Transfer is approved, you will be exempt from the Computer Power Plus course. You will qualify for the Computer Power Plus qualification, providing you meet all other course requirements.

The following requirements apply:
  • For our level 7 programmes, students are able to receive a maximum exemption of 20% (of total length of the qualification) for externally completed units/courses/papers as RPLs or Credit Transfers. For our Level 5 and 6 programmes a maximum of two thirds of the programme may be credited by RPL and/or cross credit.
  • There is no limit to the amount of credit transfers that can be granted for Computer Power Plus (CPP) graduates from previously completed CPP qualifications.

Applications must be received within four weeks of the commencement of your programme of study. Ideally they should be received before the programme starts.