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Graduate Job Placement Programme

Self-directed learning

84% of our eligible graduates are placed in work

With a proven track record of working with industry, Computer Power Plus is viewed as a reliable source of graduate talent by a multitude of New Zealand companies. Some of these companies include Vodafone, Fujitsu, Datacom, Dimension Data, MYOB and LANTech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will you help me find work and do you guarantee that I will find an IT related position?

Computer Power Plus supports its graduates in learning how to be effective at finding employment within the IT industry. This includes goal setting, creating effective CVs and covering letters, networking opportunities so you can make industry contacts, interview skills and more. However, we cannot guarantee you will find employment, as much of your success depends on you—specifically your attitude and commitment to finding working in the IT industry.

Q. What companies can I work with upon completing training at Computer Power Plus?

Our graduates secure work in a range of companies throughout New Zealand. Today almost every company utilises information technology in the workplace. There is a high demand for qualified IT staff in a variety of industries including, Health & Medical, Education, Aviation, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Legal, Accounting and Finance.

Q. What type of jobs can I get upon completion of my training with Computer Power Plus ? Will it be relevant to what I have studied?

We will assist you to find employment in an IT-related position that suits your skills and knowledge. Computer Power Plus graduates obtain work in a broad spectrum of positions. Sometimes your interests, background and previous work skills can direct your career choices. Companies are interested in Computer Power Plus graduates for their skills in Programming, Web Development, Software Support, Technical Support, Network Administration, Help Desk, Training, Computer Maintenance, and much more.

Q. How do I become one of the many successful graduates who find work?

Your opportunities to apply the technical skills you have learned will depend very largely on your enthusiasm and how you approach your job search and the job itself.

At Computer Power Plus, you will receive guidance on effective ways to approach these situations, and you may find how useful these principles can be in many other areas of activity, including study. Placement Assistance is a three-prong activity: 1) You look for employment, 2) We look together and 3) We look for you. Many graduates find jobs through their own efforts.

Q. How long will it take for me to find employment?

The length of time it takes graduates to find jobs varies from days to months. It tends to be dependent on a combination of job search strategy, planning during the course, the attitude of the graduate, performance at interviews, and the number of suitable vacancies available at that time of graduation. If you have some work experience (retail, customer service, hospitality, office and administration), then you will likely find a position faster than a graduate who has never had a job before.

Q. What if I am a more mature graduate?

How quickly you find employment depends on your background and attitude. More mature candidates can bring transferable skills, knowledge and experience to their new employer. Over the years, many mature graduates have found jobs within the IT industry. Additionally, many mature graduates have succeeded in starting their own businesses.

Self-directed learning
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