Computer Power Plus IT training specialists

Our Training Facilities

Our Campuses

Computer Power Plus offers a broad range of IT courses at each of our three modern and centrally located campuses:

  • Auckland - Level 4, 450 Queen Street
  • Wellington - Level 12, Plimmer Towers
  • Christchurch - 167 Madras Street


Main Training Room

Students undertake their studies in a large open training room.  Each training room is set up with individual student workstations, equipped with personal computers all connected to a local area network. These desktop PCs are configured to allow delivery of learning materials, specific to each student’s schedule, direct to the workstation.

  • Auckland: 80 seat capacity
  • Wellington: 64 seat capacity
  • Christchurch: 40 seat capacity

Each individual workstation is set up with the objective of enabling students to undertake their study in a quiet and private space. This allows students to focus fully on their work objectives and to move as quickly and efficiently as possible through their personalised schedule.

Qualified and experienced instructors are present on all training shifts (morning, afternoon and evening) to mentor and support students as they negotiate the learning challenges inherent to each qualification.

Separate Hardware Lab

At each campus there is a separate ‘hardware lab’ set up for students studying computer hardware. Each lab is a purpose designed and dedicated area to help students advance their skills and knowledge of different computer components, e.g. Motherboards, RAM, CPU’s, Hard Drives. The ‘lab’ provides a truly hands-on experience for students, where they learn to put theory into practice and become familiar with computer hardware and the various components.

Training Room for Group Activities

Our courses often include group activities, which are undertaken in a separate area. Activities include:

  • Student Orientation sessions, where students are introduced to the facilities and services of Computer Power Plus, and have the opportunity to meet other students also commencing their studies. Orientation is run weekly for New Zealand based (Domestic) students, and monthly for international students.
  • Student group development projects.

This room is also used for facilitated workshops which are instructor led and may also involve guest speakers. Regular Computer Power Plus workshops include:

  • Employment preparation workshops.
  • Professional development programmes.

This training room has seating capacity for approximately 15 – 20 students

Student Breakout Area

Our separate breakout area or common room provides students with an environment to take time out from their studies. This dedicated area gives students an opportunity to relax in a communal room for tea and coffee breaks, lunch, or for students undertaking evening study to have their evening meal. The facility is set up with tea and coffee making facilities and a microwave oven.