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5 Popular IT jobs and their Salaries

Systems Technology


So you’re everyone’s go to for IT fixes, hacks and tricks.  Cool.  You game a lot; really cool.  You’re an oracle on coding – that is truly awesome.  So why not make a living out of what you’re good at.

At Computer Power Plus we’ve got the courses and the qualifications to get you started in a terrific IT Career. But it’s always an awkward convo asking a potential employer how much the positions pay, right when you walk into an interview, especially if you are a recent graduate.
We wanted to arm you with the info up front, so it can help you decide which qualification matches your skills and what to expect when you graduate with one of our qualifications.
Salaries are a bit of stick your finger in the air and figure out which way the wind is blowing kind of thing, but our qualifications can help provide you the landing point (recent graduates can expect a 40K salary) to work up to the following salaries after a few years of experience is under your belt.  It’s important to take into consideration that different companies, the location, and your skills and experience, will all factor into salary variations too.  We are just demonstrating some ballpark options.
We’d love to help you jumpstart your IT career and look forward to welcoming you to the Computer Power Plus family, enrol now.
There are some great roles out there to get stuck into, you could be a:
  • 1. Web Developer
  • 2. Helpdesk/Support Technician
  • 3. Software Developer / Programmer
  • 4. Network Engineer
  • 5. Systems Administrator
  • 3. NZ Diploma in Software Development:

    Software developers with some experience usually earn $58K-$80K per year. Senior developers with several years' experience usually earn $80K-$110K per year.
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We’ve compiled some useful and informative blogs, articles and news on the subject of IT industry salaries. Check them out to really give you the depth of information. 
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