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Computer Power Plus offers a range of IT training courses for International students.  Our full range of courses are listed below. All programmes begin monthly

Single Diploma Programmes

Qualification Study Duration + Holidays & Allowance 2017 Qual. Fees
NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support
(NZQA Level 5) 
34 Weeks + 5 Weeks NZ $16,873
NZ Diploma in Web Development and Design
(NZQA Level 5) 
34 Weeks + 5 Weeks NZ $16,873
Diploma in Network Engineering
(NZQA Level 6) 
51 Weeks + 11 Weeks NZ $26,392
Diploma in Advanced Software Development
(NZQA Level 6)
53 Weeks + 11 Weeks NZ $27,670
Diploma in Advanced Network Engineering
(NZQA Level 7)
56 Weeks + 11 Weeks NZ $29,080

Each diploma is a stand-alone programme designed to enable students to progress if desired from level 5 to level 6 or direct to level 7. Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer applies by application.

New programmes coming early 2018

  • NZ Diploma in Software Development (Level 6)   (68 weeks + 10 weeks)
  • NZ Diploma in Systems Administration (Level 6)   (34 weeks + 5 weeks)
  • NZ Diploma in Networking (Level 6)   (34 weeks + 5 weeks)

Double Diploma Programmes

Qualification Study Duration + Holidays & Allowance Qual. Fees
Network Engineering Double Diploma
(NZQA Level 6 and 7)
65 Weeks + 14 Weeks NZ $34,168
Web and Software Development Double Diploma
(NZQA Level 5 and 6)
70 Weeks + 13 Weeks NZ $34,255
IT Technical Support + Network Engineering Double Diploma
(NZQA Level 5 and 6)
69 Weeks + 13 Weeks NZ $32,441
To qualify for a Study to Work visa, Computer Power Plus students will need to have met one of the following criteria:
  1. Studied in New Zealand for at least 30 weeks (excluding holiday periods) for a level 7 qualification; or
  2. Studied in New Zealand a two year programme leading to a qualification at level 4 to 6 for at least 60 weeks (excluding holiday periods); or
  3. Studied in New Zealand two qualifications at levels 4 to 6 and studied each qualification for at least 30 weeks, provided the second qualification is at a higher level (60 weeks study in New Zealand in total, excluding holiday periods).

Enrolment in the second diploma of a two year programme of study is granted upon successful completion of the first diploma and demonstration of the required English language competency for higher level study.

Upon completion of their first year qualification, students are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning for their second year

Please note:
  • All programmes have an additional enrolment fee of NZ $500.
  • Qualification fees do not include vendor certification exams.
  • If a student fails to pass one of the courses from their qualification (after three attempts) they will need to re-enrol in that course and pay the corresponding course fee.
  • Duration is based on full-time study load of 25 hours per week on campus (5 hours per day) and 12.5 hours/week home study.
  • Holidays and allowance include annual and public holidays, and leave for sickness & unforeseen circumstances.
  • 4 weeks of field-site work experience is included in the duration for the Diploma in Network Engineering.