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new blog series

New blog series

Computer Power Plus blogs and articles on the IT industry, our graduates stories,and CPP initiatives.
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HSL Finals

Mt Albert Grammar Searching for First High School League Title

Mt Albert Grammar School have a big task in front of them but they believe they have what it takes to win the High School League’s second split. The national secondary school eSports competition reaches its finale at the Armageddon Expo at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland on Saturday 21 October.
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HSL Finals

Northcote Aiming For Challenger Division Title in HSL

Northcote College No 3 are one of the great success stories of the High School League 2 Challenger Division. The team had to be replaced at the beginning of the competition when the original line-up was unable to continue due to other sporting commitments. That created a void for the new side and they have battled through the playoffs to earn their spot in this Saturday’s grand final at the Armageddon Expo at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland.
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gamining was my gateway into IT

Gaming was my gateway into IT

Computer Power Plus knows that many of their students got into IT due to their interest in gaming. With that in mind, CPP and TechCafé co-launched the ‘Gaming was my Gateway’ competition earlier this year that asked our gaming audience to tell us about how gaming led them into IT.
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Five popular IT jobs and their salaries

Five popular IT jobs and their Salaries

So you’re everyone’s go to for IT fixes, hacks and tricks. Cool. You game a lot; really cool. You’re an oracle on coding – that is truly awesome. So why not make a living out of what you’re good at.
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new courses in 2018

New course offerings for 2018

Computer Power Plus will launch three new Level 6 programmes of study in 2018. CPP will offer the New Zealand Diploma in Networking, New Zealand Diploma in Systems Administration and New Zealand Diploma in Software Development.
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how to land your first grad job

How can you land your first IT Grad Job

Getting your first graduate job can be a challenge. We spoke to Ashley Sadler, a Business Manager for Madison Recruitment, who provided some great advice on the job market.
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CPP students grab great work experience at Echolan

Echolan was an exciting gaming event in Auckland with plenty of tech-minded types so it was only fitting that Computer Power Plus sent students there.
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find your feet in the workforce

IT qualifications provide diverse career options

Beginning your education with an IT qualification is a great starting point to ensure that you can take your career to a range of different avenues. This is because it provides a range of transferable skills and can help you move across a range of industries.
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Great work experience opportunities

CPP provides great work experience opportunities

Computer Power Plus provides their students with the opportunity to get hands-on work experience through TechCafé’s Rent a Tech initiative. Finding competent IT help can be costly but TechCafé, which is a CPP initiative, provides outsourced IT specialists to help those who need staff on short or medium-term contracts.
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CPP student helps lead the way at Govhack 2017

Computer Power Plus student Andrew Saunders took part in Govhack recently where his team won a Surface Pro for a ‘number 8 wire’ award for innovation. Andrew is studying towards a Level 5 Diploma in Web Development and Design and found out about Govhack through the CPP Open Data course material.
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HSL shoutcaster

HSL shoutcaster enamoured with League of Legends (LOL)

My name is Alex “Jump” Borawski and I am one of the shoutcasters for the High School League. I love watching the HSL as you all grind your way towards the playoffs and, hopefully, the live finals at Armageddon on 22 October.
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How to make meetups work for you

Tech and IT Meetups are a good platform for students to network with like-minded people in the IT industry. They’re a place for people to expand their knowledge and share information on topics that interest them.
But, before we go any further, you might be wondering: ‘What are Meetups?’
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Video production

CPP/TechCafe providing video production services to industry

One of the services that TechCafé offers is the ability to create custom video content. TechCafe has produced videos for Playtech (a large IT hardware retailer in Auckland) and these are currently featured on the PlayTech website and TechCafé’s YouTube channel.
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